The Busy Bodybuilder

In 2015 I weighed 300 lbs and faced a number of medical ailments due to my diagnosed obesity.  With two beautiful children and an unconditionally supportive partner, I felt compelled to make a change so that my life, and the lives of those who spend time with me, would be forever full and active.  No obstacles, no barriers, nothing to hold me back.

What started out as counting calories to lose weight became a fierce passion for weight lifting.  As I lost weight I I learned how to meal prep for a successful week, and fell in love with feeling strong.  In 18 months I lost 130 lbs and dedicated a portion of my life to my own self-care.

As a mom of two kids, a wife with a high-demand corporate career, a volunteer, a friend, a coach, a human being... Finding time to fit this lifestyle into my schedule kept me busier than ever before.

Throughout my weight loss and bodybuilding journey, I have shared my experience with social media communities; sharing gym tips, workout plans, meal plans, and meal prep inspiration, even sharing the lows of the ride.  I have found myself coaching other women (and guys!) who have the same goals and vision for themselves and there's nothing I enjoy more than witnessing other peoples success through the same hard work that brought me here.

My journey isn't just one about weight loss, or weight lifting... It has quickly become a community of support, encouragement, inspiration, education, and a daily practice of acting with kindness.

We work hard, play harder, and we stay busy bodybuilding.


Meet the Team



Health coach, meal planner & meal prep pro, mom, wife, friend, and busy bodybuilder.



Wife, friend, weight lifting, meal prep enthusiast.  Blog contributor and merchandise mogul.



Graphic and website designer, Star Wars nerd, husband and dad of two,