Abs Everyday (Contributor Post)

The idea that I could go from being chubby, to in shape, to having an actual six-pack seemed like a myth to me.

As a kid, I loved playing sports. I loved getting together with the neighborhood kids and playing football or basketball or kickball, or any sport for that matter. I would be out way past dark and way past when I was supposed to be home, just playing. One would think being so active that I would be at a normal weight. But man does sugar love me and I love it right back!

Summer days were heaven. No school nor homework and friends to hang out with anytime I wanted, but most importantly to me was that my mom would go to Costco and buy those giant boxes of hot pockets and chimichangas. I would always fight with my sisters because I wanted the most out of that box. I remember eating all of my dinner just fine, but then looking in that freezer for the ice cream. Scooping and scooping the lovely, sugary treat until 1/3 of the carton was gone. Not only that, eating the majority of a box of Oreos was as easy as Free-For-All on Medal of Honor for the PC!

Eventually the years went on and I focused on my weight and wanted to actually get in shape. Low carb dieting was my savoir and I went from 225 lb to 180 lbs!

I was in great shape, but I still never had those glorious abs athletes have.

Years went on and I kept monitoring my weight and body to make sure I was never going back to my chubby self, but still I would see other people with a six-pack. It’s something I’ve always wanted but accepted the fact that I’d never have one.

The year 2018 changed my mind.

The day is Jan 22nd, 2018 and my reinvention has begun. I enter a “little to no sugar diet,” eating the opposite of what I ate growing up, and meal prepping every Monday.  I loved how it was going but that was not enough for me; I wanted abs. While I still have the mindset of accepting the fact I will never have abs, I want to try.

A week after the diet began, I start doing crunches. Every single day I’d go on YouTube and scour for a new ab workout exercise video and mimic everything I saw. I may still think that having defined abs is a myth, I still push every day.

At first, it was dreadful, knowing when I get home from work I needed to do it, but even if I didn’t want to I focused and put in the work. Fortunately, it became a habit. I felt that “need” to do my ab workouts or else my day would not feel right. Getting into that mindset really helped me through some of the hard days.

Fifteen weeks have passed and I’ve been noticing some change. Losing now 19 lbs is by far the biggest change from this diet. The fat melting off my body and muscles becoming more defined is noticeable as well. However, as far the abs, I’ve seen little change.

Now the day is May 3rd, 2018 and I’m tired. I’ve been trying Keto all week and not having any carbs has taken its toll. I’m at the gym doing all my normal lifts and exercises, but I’m weak. I can’t bench as much, run as fast, do as many dips. I always end the day with a steam room and sauna sesh. I feel like getting overheated and just excessively tired to be at that gym, so I get out.

I need to take a breather before I weigh myself. Stripping down to my long soccer socks and boxers, I step on the scale, 199 lbs it reads. I get a little excited but I’ve been below 200lbs before. I head to my locker and turn around to see myself in the mirror and my eyes focus directly on my stomach. I see them. I see the absolute most defined abs I have ever seen in my entire life. I stare in amazement and awe. All the hard work flashed before my eyes. All those days when I didn’t want to do my ab workouts, now worth it. All week long feeling tired… worth it.

I can see all of my progression working. And after seeing that picture of myself, I’m more motivated than ever to let these bad boys come out and see the world!

I guess I can end my first ever blog with a simple message: Believe in yourself.

No matter the circumstances or where you were as a child or what you see on TV, if you want something, do it! I’m not saying your journey will be easy, mine was and still is hard, but if you really believe in yourself and do the work, your results will come with any goal that you strive for.

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