Okay first, what the heck is IIFYM?  You’ve probably seen it around social media a time or two.

IIFYM = If It Fits Your Macros.  Also known as ‘flexible dieting’.

Here’s how it works: You have daily macronutrient limits that you’ve created to help you reach your fitness or weight loss goals.  Your macros are determined by your weight, height, age, and your desired outcome.  The art of eating based on IIFYM is simply that you can eat with flexibility, as long as at the end of the day it fits your macros and you meet your goal.

This is different than counting calories.

Counting calories means that you can eat whatever the heck you like as long as you are under or at your calorie goal for the day.  But, if you eat one Burger King Whopper with fries and a milkshake for lunch, you likely won’t have too many calories to spare for any other meals and snacks throughout the day. Not to mention you could still live a pretty unhealthy lifestyle doing things this way; skipping meals or eating large quantities of processed food isn’t going to sustain you for long.

Tracking macros focuses on ensuring that you are getting the right amount of carbs, protein, and fat for the day that align with your goals – again, based on your calculation.  You can figure out what your macros are by using an online calculator – most will give you a similar result.

After my keto experience I will be going back to my IIFYM method of tracking and likely also going back into a bodybuilding prep (for fun; not contest).  With that, my trainer and I have worked out the following macros for me:

Carbs: 175g
Protein: 140g
Fat: 35g

Keep in mind that fat has more calories per gram than the other two macronutrients so while the number seems low in grams, it equates to more calories.

I have done this macro split before in the past so I am familiar with it and comfortable with it, although this will be the first time my carbs are higher than my protein, but this is strategic.  I am looking to expend a lot of extra energy in the gym during prep so they’ll be needed.  And as I said in my last post, I will continue to avoid sugar where I can so my sources of carbs will be lots of veggies, fruits, and oats.

What I love about IIFYM is really in the name – you can eat it if it fits your macros. And you’d be amazed at what you can customize and tweak to get something to fit your macros… 🙂

The keto experiment was fun, but even a slice of bread kicked me out of ketosis so the method was very restrictive and prevented me from being able to eat vegetables and fruits, which contain a lot of the micronutrients you also need.  With IIFYM, I can eat a wide range of food groups and ensure that I am still meeting my nutritional goals while out performing myself at the gym. I recommend this method to anyone and everyone.

Prep starts the first week of July!


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