The Ketogenic Experiment

There are many dieting options on the market, and particularly on social media.  One of the more popular diet plans these days is the Ketogenic Diet.

What is Keto?

The Ketogenic Diet, known as just ‘keto’, is a diet of very high fats, less than moderate protein, and hardly any carbs.  Most people who participate in the keto diet do not eat more than 25g of net carbs a day.  (Net carbs: Total carbs – fiber & sugar alcohols = net carbs).

The science behind this is pretty interesting.  Usually your body uses glucose from a variety of carbohydrate rich foods in order to run all normal body functions.  On the keto diet, you must eliminate carbs to reduce glucose and get yourself into a state of ketosis; leaving too little glucose in your system to effectively run the ship.  Your body then transfers its fat burning and functioning responsibilities to ketones instead, which come from high fat foods.

I have read my fair share of studies and there are varying opinions on whether this method really burns any more fat than an otherwise normally balanced diet would.  Additionally, there are arguments as to whether or not this diet is sustainable for the long-term.

You’ve likely seen your fair share of social media posts documenting people who have lost massive amounts of weight on a very strict ketogenic diet.  In an effort to be more knowledgeable for the people I coach into weight loss, I decided to give keto a try for 30 days.

The Keto Experiment Stats:
Starting Weight: 160 lbs
New Daily Macros: 25g NET carbs; 100g protein; 116g fat
Daily Calories: 1544

It’s important to note that my protein intake is a little higher than you’d normally see for someone doing keto.  This is because I have 75lbs of lean muscle on my body that I wish to maintain throughout this process, and I am a weight lifter.

For reference, my usual macros are more like 165g carbs; 170g protein; 40g fat. We are literally flipping these macros on their head!

In order to prepare for starting keto and giving myself the best start, I opted to spend a week gradually reducing my carbs by intuition.  What that really means is that I made a conscious effort to avoid processed carbs but I still ate my veggies.  I tried to use up all my non-fat foods so I could start fresh with full fat alternatives.

I also purchased the following items:
1. Ketone test strips (Amazon)
2. Stevia
3. Erythritol
4. MCT oil
5. A keto vitamin supplement (electrolytes, magnesium & potassium)
6. Unsweetened dark chocolate for baking!

I found some keto-friendly recipes and meal prepped some cheesy egg and bacon egg bakes for breakfast, and buttery fried chicken thighs for lettuce wraps for lunch.  I also made some keto “fudge” for snacking.  And as always, I leave dinner up in the air to add a little sense of excitement.

I’ll be documenting my experience on Instagram and here on the blog, so stay tuned for this fatty-filled fiesta!

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